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Thank you to everyone who has kindly shared their experience of hospice care

We understand that coming to the hospice for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Many people worry that this will be a gloomy or scary place. Others just don’t realise the range of care and support we can provide to patients living with life-limiting illnesses, and those close to them too. That’s why we really appreciate people taking the time to share their experience of our hospice care. We hope these insights help to reassure and inform people coming to the hospice for the first time.

To share your experience, please contact Ella Beale on or call 01226 244244.

Nothing can stop me from missing Steve or feeling sad that he’s not here, but the hospice has helped me find ways to cope with it.

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Even though we are living with dementia, I still feel lucky in many ways. We have had a nice life together, and I’m so glad the care Keith received at the hospice has helped us create more special moments.

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I feel ready to go home, crack on with my treatment and enjoy the rest of my life. You don’t realise how precious it is, and the hospice has enabled me to make the most of it. I am a survivor.

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“I think what stands out for me at the hospice is the staff. They are absolutely superb. From the moment I walk into the room, I feel at ease. Everything they do feels completely tailored to me, which is just lovely.

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Caroline sat in the hospice garden underneath orange parasol

“When I come to the hospice, I know it’s my ‘me time’, and I have space to chat with staff about any worries or questions I have.”

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The team are always here to support me, listen to my worries and remind me that I am more than my condition. I am treated like a person, which is all I want. 

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Photo of Amy Blower

Amy attended the hospice many times, both as an inpatient and outpatient and became very comfortable and happy with being there.

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The hospice is an absolutely beautiful place, and the people who work here are like angels. It’s bright, clean and the rooms are like a five-star hotel! I have even sent a video to my friends to show them how great my room is. Most importantly, I feel cared for. I know that if I need anything, someone will come to me straight away and do what they can to help.

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Photo of Hannah and her new baby

We were so glad that we chose to come to Barnsley Hospice, it made our last weeks together as comforting and enjoyable as was possible … The hospice staff really went that extra mile to give us some happy memories.

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Photo of Sally and Susan standing together holding a baby

During the three weeks Mum spent at the hospice, the change in her was unbelievable. When she was able to come home it felt like a miracle.

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Photo of Claire's nannan with her family

Every single member of staff we met were experts, but it never felt like a clinical environment. It’s a place for the whole family, and we felt just as important as my nannan did throughout that time.

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Photo of Trevor Jones

I know that my Dad would want me to make known that even during a global pandemic, he was cared for and treated with dignity and respect. As a family, we feel indebted to each and every member of staff at Barnsley Hospice.

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A photo of Steph and her mum

By the first evening of Mum’s stay, the difference in her was noticeable. When we came to visit, it was clear how well she was being looked after, and the whole family just felt like we’d been scooped up into a massive hug

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Photo of Ian with his mum

My mum spent the last three weeks of her 97-year life in the hospice. The love, attention and care she received went beyond extraordinary and I will never be able to thank the hospice and its staff enough.

Read Ian Meade's story

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