Craig Tench

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Craig Tench is 52 years old and living with heart failure. His diagnosis left him feeling isolated and with little support until he was referred to Barnsley Hospice, where he is currently receiving care as an outpatient. We would like to thank Craig for bravely sharing his story. 

“When lockdown began, I started to develop symptoms that I knew were out of the ordinary. In October 2020, I was admitted to hospital, and it was there that I was told my heart was only working at 25% capacity. Within moments, everything had changed. My condition could not be cured, and I had to stop working immediately. 

I felt so scared, and I didn’t know what was happening to me, both physically and mentally. So, I turned to the internet, looking for answers and reassurance. It’s the things you don’t think about that are the hardest. I was trying to apply for financial support whilst answering questions about a condition I didn’t yet understand. I didn’t know where to turn for support. 

All of this changed when a doctor suggested speaking to someone from the hospice. After my initial assessment, I was offered a tailored treatment plan. The team are always here to support me, listen to my worries and remind me that I am more than my condition. I am treated like a person, which is all I want. 

The hospice is a very special place, and I would urge anyone to reach out for help if they are going through something similar. It feels so welcoming and almost like you are at home. The hospice has helped me so much already, and I can’t thank them enough. “

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