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The Orangery

Our support and wellbeing service for patients with a life-limiting illness

Our team of therapists at The Orangery support people living with a range of conditions including cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease (MND).

We aim to help people cope with the physical, psychological and emotional demands of their condition and live their lives as well as possible as their illness progresses.

The Orangery is a safe and tranquil space within Barnsley Hospice which opens on to a restful, sensory garden and has facilities for refreshments, and free parking.

Every patient referred to the Orangery by a healthcare professional will have their needs assessed through a simple process over the phone to ensure an individual package of wellbeing support is designed to suit them. We provide complementary therapies and a series of short programmes* to help patients cope with their illness and develop effective self-help techniques to manage symptoms.

Complementary Therapies – to help relieve symptoms

Complementary therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy, massage and visualisation are provided by qualified therapists at The Orangery. Anyone referred to our support and wellbeing service will have their needs assessed for these therapies. They are designed to help manage symptoms such as pain, anxiety and fatigue.

COPE – learn self-help techniques to manage symptoms

COPE is a short programme to help participants develop self-help techniques to cope with symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue, sleep problems and anxiety, whether these conditions are current or anticipated. COPE also supports patients’ to consider advance care planning in a supportive and caring environment. COPE stands for compassion, openness, planning and exercise.

CHAT – discuss your
experiences with like-minded people

CHAT is a weekly social support programme through which we bring together people living with a life-limiting illness to talk. The meet-ups are facilitated by a therapist and is designed to combat isolation with illness and enable informal chat for mutual support and self-help techniques.

REST – learn relaxation
techniques to help you unwind

REST is a six-session programme held in the calm and tranquil environment of The Orangery. Our experienced therapists will share relaxation techniques throughout this programme – aimed at reducing stress and tension.

Refer a patient to The Orangery

The Orangery – formerly known as the hospice’s day therapy service – is a referral-only service. Referrals may be made by GPs, community nursing teams, hospital or community palliative care teams or other health and social care professionals directly involved in a patient’s care. Please see our full Referral Criteria and use the referral form below:

Meet the team

Our small friendly team offer specialist care and one-to-one support to patients. (l-r) Diane Gledhill-Cragg, complementary therapy and wellbeing lead; Chris Black, complementary therapy and wellbeing therapist; and Dawn Jenkinson, wellbeing support worker. (Physiotherapist Heike Fraser also contributes to our programmes of support.)


Who can access The Orangery?

Anyone with a life-limiting illness, registered with a Barnsley GP and over the age of 18 is eligible to access Barnsley Hospice’s The Orangery. Referrals must be made by a health service professional involved in a patient’s care. Our service is not just for patients with cancer, but for people with any life-limiting condition including heart and lung or neurological diseases.

How can I be referred to The Orangery?

The Orangery – formerly known as our day therapy service – is a referral-only service. Referrals may be made by your GP, community nursing team, hospital / community palliative care team or another health care professional directly involved in your care. Please talk to them if you are interested in being referred. See our referral page for more information.

How do I get to The Orangery?

We ask that patients attending our support and wellbeing services make their own arrangements for getting to and from The Orangery. (some of our services may also be accessed via online video calls) Please call with any queries or you can find more details on our Visitor Information page.

Are The Orangery’s services free?

Yes, Barnsley Hospice is a charity and our services are fully-funded by our generous supporters and an annual NHS grant.

Can I choose which services I want to use?

Once referred, we will talk to you to assess your needs and design a package of wellbeing support to suit you personally.

Is there a drop-in service at The Orangery?

No, I’m afraid not. You must be referred to the service by a health professional and a package of care and support will be organised with you. Please talk to your GP or palliative care team if you are interested in accessing these services.

Can carers and family access The Orangery?

The Orangery is a dedicated referral-only service for patients. However, the hospice provides a range of support for families and carers including relaxing complementary therapies, practical advice and support, counselling and bereavement support. Please talk to the member of staff caring for your loved one or call 01226 244244.

Will Covid-19 affect access to The Orangery services?

We have designed our services to be as resilient as possible with video and telephone contact as well as in-person provision at the hospice, when possible. From the end of January 2022, we hope to be able to hold our short programmes at The Orangery in small groups of six – with the option remaining of attending via video link. All our in-person activities are subject to Covid-19 guidance and restrictions and we will always keep in touch if coronavirus affects our services. If you are coming to the hospice, please follow our essential Covid-19 guidance for visitors on our Visitor Information page.

Who can I talk to to find out more?

Call our complementary therapy and wellbeing lead Diane Gledhill-Cragg on 01226 244244 ext 225

Contact The Orangery via our main number 01226 244244 and ask for Diane Gledhill-Cragg or email