Leyan Jones

Photo of Trevor Jones

Leyan’s Dad, Trevor, was cared for at the hospice during the Covid-19 pandemic and here she shares her family’s touching experience of care and support at this difficult time. We’d really like to thank Leyan for sharing her story.

After Dad’s very short illness and diagnosis of advanced stage 4 prostate cancer, his pain was not managed at home. He was offered a short stay in the IPU to regulate his pain, and although Dad was apprehensive at first, he immediately felt cared for and safe in the hands of the incredible staff. 

I remember visiting for the first time and was in awe of the place. Dad was relaxed, and all of the staff were so lovely to us. It was like a home, not a hospice! As a proud ex-Barnsley miner, losing most of his independence was incredibly hard for Dad to endure. Despite this, all the staff helped him to maintain his dignity.

Every day we were allowed to visit, and I witnessed first-hand the staff treating my Dad as though he was their own. Then lockdown struck and visiting became limited. The team on shift looked exhausted due to the pressures of working through a pandemic, but they still provided fantastic care and compassion to my dad, who sadly passed away on April 18th 2020.

Although I did not get to be with my dad when he died, throughout the time Dad was in the hospice, I witnessed how compassionately patient’s and family’s needs were met by hospice staff. The morning he died, the staff were heartbroken. They were not used to working like this; they wanted to sit with and comfort us but couldn’t. So instead, they carried out a follow-up call the day after to check in with Mum. 

I know that my Dad would want me to make known that even during a global pandemic, he was cared for and treated with dignity and respect. As a family, we feel indebted to each and every one of the staff members at Barnsley Hospice. Not only for everything they did for us but for all they do for every person that comes through their doors. 

We lost our hero, but you were all his heroes, and we are forever grateful for the last seven weeks of his life, which he spent in Barnsley Hospice.

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