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Remember a loved one with a donation in their memory

We appreciate all donations to the hospice in memory of loved ones. Our supporters often make donations in someone’s memory to celebrate their life and give thanks for the end-of-life care they’ve received here at the hospice.

You can make a personal donation in a loved one’s memory or you can donate the proceeds of a collection, perhaps taken in lieu of flowers at a funeral, by using our donation form below. You will always receive a letter of thanks acknowledging your much-appreciated gift.

If you would like to speak to someone about making a donation to the hospice please contact 01226 244244

You can also remember your loved one through our Hospice Village. This bright and beautiful artwork in our reception area features little handmade houses, each dedicated to the memory of someone’s loved one. Find out how to choose and dedicate a cottage in your loved one’s name, on our Hospice Village page.

You can also remember your loved one at Christmas by joining in our Light up a Life event. This is a poignant part of our hospice community’s calendar when we invite everyone to dedicate a light on one of our Christmas trees to the memory of a loved one and make a small donation to patient care.

Summer is also a time for remembrance and every year we launch a Forever Flowers campaign through which you can buy a brightly-coloured metalwork flower in someone’s memory to plant in your garden to help you remember happy times.

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