Grant Funding

Grants from Charitable Trusts and Foundations

The grant funding we receive from charitable trusts and foundations is vital to enable us to sustain high-quality hospice care for our patients and those close to them.

Grants help to support clinical services, pay for much-needed equipment and allow us to develop new ways of caring as the need arises. We are a charity and this funding is vital to support continuation of our services and maintenance of our hospice building.

In the past, donations have enabled us to purchase specialist armchairs, install new energy-efficient boilers and develop our beautiful hospice garden. We are extremely grateful for all the funding we receive from trusts and foundations whether it comes in the form of large, one-off awards or smaller, regular grants.

Grants from charitable foundations like the The Mark Benevolent Fund make a significant contribution to the charity’s running costs.

One of the core needs of the hospice is revenue funding which pays for the day to day running of our charity. Barnsley Hospice receives a £1.7 million grant from the Barnsley NHS Clinical Commissioning Group each year, but as a charity, we also need to raise £3.5 million in additional funding to sustain services. With this in mind, we would love to hear from trusts or foundations dedicated to supporting hospice care in general, healthcare and carers; bereavement, families and children; social work and occupational therapy, the Barnsley and South Yorkshire area in particular and all general charitable purposes

To ask about making a charitable donation to the hospice, please contact our Fundraising team on 01226 244 244 or email

How trusts and foundations have made a difference

Supporting us every year

Worsborough Village Foundation are one of our much-valued regular supporters who give an annual donation is support of patient care. The small community foundation is committed to supporting the well-being of local people. Their loyal support helps ensure we are able to continue providing specialist end-of-life care for Barnsley people and support their families.

Investing in Technology

We are grateful to the Towergate Foundation and Hospice UK, who awarded us £2,511 to invest in new technology which has enhanced our patients’ experience of hospice care. The money enabled us to buy three Apple iPads to help patients get online and stay in touch with families and a new Sonos music streaming system for use in our complementary therapy treatment rooms. These welcome innovations replaced heavy, harder-to-handle laptops and a clunky hi-fi system which was unable to provide soothing music across multiple treatment rooms.

Helping us save money

The Garfield Weston Foundation awarded us a fantastic £15,000 grant towards our new condensing boilers for the hospice in-patient unit. The energy-efficient boilers form part of a wider project to future-proof our building and help us reduce both our carbon footprint and our energy bills.

Responding to a major appeal

In 2019 we launched an appeal to fund a full refurbishment of our inpatient unit. The unit’s transformation was achieved thanks to many including the following organisations: The Morrisons Foundation, Wolfson Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Barnsley Harriers, Leeds Building Society Foundation, Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust, Hobson Charity, One Stop Carers of Causes, Perrigo, Persimmon Community Champions, WDCHS, Edward Gostling Foundation, James Neill Trust, Freshgate Trust Foundation, Green Hall Foundation, Westfield Charitable Trust, Sait Lazarus Hospice Association and Inman Charity.

Our newly refurbished inpatient units was backed by donations from charitable foundations and trusts

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