Pall Call

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will answer my call?

The call goes directly to the Inpatient Unit at Barnsley Hospice, where it is answered by a member of the nursing staff on duty.  You may not be familiar with the professional you are talking to, so questions may be asked which you have previously answered.


Why would I contact Pall Call?

You may be unsure about prescribed medication and want some advice from a professional. You may have a specific problem, such as suddenly not being able to manage at home and wonder what you can do next. In each of these example circumstances, you could talk to a nurse. With practical-based problems, the nurse may contact other professionals, such as Rapid Response to visit and assess what is happening.

The Pall Call service cannot be used to admit patients directly to the ward.


Is the service confidential?

At times, some information does need to be passed to other professional. This will be discussed with you, should the need arise. Anybody who has access to your information is aware of their duty to maintain confidentiality.

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