Our Mission Statement

Statement of purpose

Barnsley Hospice is an independent hospice and a registered charity (Registered charity number 700586).

Barnsley Hospice is a company limited by guarantee – registered in England and Wales no 2274925.
Barnsley Hospice is registered and therefore licensed to provide services by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – provider number 1-101635002
Service Provider Main Location
Barnsley Hospice, 104-106 Church Street, Barnsley S75 2RL
Telephone 01226 244244, Email – enquiries@barnsley-hospice.org,
Fax number – 01226 731733, Website - www.barnsley-hospice.org
Registered Manager of Barnsley Hospice
Julie Ferry, Chief Executive Officer/ Patient services director RN, MSc Nursing , Post grad diploma Hospice Leadership, BSc (Hons) Palliative Care. Telephone 01226 244244 email Julie.ferry@barnsley-hospice.org


Regulated activities

Barnsley Hospice provides treatment of disease, disorder and injury and provides diagnostic and screening procedures.
Care is provided to those over 18 years of age who are resident in the borough of Barnsley


Mission statement

The aim of Barnsley Hospice is to provide specialist palliative care.

The vision is to be the first choice for patient, referrer’s and customers of all of our services, to provide more services to more people and to be regarded as one of the best hospices in England.
Our values are to ensure that patients and their families and those close to them are at the centre of all our activities and are cared for and supported in safe and comfortable surroundings. We provide the highest standard of care by responding to individual needs, supporting choice and independence. By doing meaningful work we make all of our patients and their families and those close to them feel valued. Each person will be treated as an individual and will be given empathy and respect. We are passionate about getting it right in an effective efficient and financially sustainable way.


Barnsley Hospice objectives are:

  • To provide personalised specialist palliative care in a multidisciplinary environment that reflects patient needs;
  • To provide specialist palliative care to patients irrespective of diagnosis, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion and/or ethnicity;
  • To provide an extensive and flexible range of holistic services that respond to the needs of the patient and to those close to them;
  • To provide comprehensive information and support to enable patients and those close to them to make informed decisions;
  • To provide specialist palliative care by staff who have undertaken specialist training and who are supported in their work by a comprehensive educational and training programme;
  • To disseminate palliative care expertise, through education and training initiatives and to provide comprehensive advice and signposting to patients, families, carers and other health care professionals; and
  • To work closely and effectively with the primary and acute health sectors to ensure seamless and integrated care.
  • The following services are provided by Barnsley Hospice to patients in a 10 bedded In patient Unit and day therapy units:
  • Pain and symptom control;
  • Rehabilitation, including occupational therapy;
  • Therapies, including physiotherapy and complementary therapies;
  • Spiritual support;
  • Practical and financial advice;
  • Pre-bereavement and bereavement support.
  • Medically led 24 hour telephone advice
  • Barnsley Hospice also provides the following services to the families and carers:
  • Complementary therapy
  • Spiritual support;
  • Practical and financial advice;
  • Pre-bereavement and bereavement support.
Barnsley Hospice will arrange for patients to be transported to and from the Hospice in ways that best suit the needs of the patient, comfortably and safely.
As part of its range of services Barnsley Hospice runs a lymphoedema clinic at the Hospice. The specialist nurses who run this clinic have undertaken specialist training. They will provide Lymphoedema clinic patients and their family and carers with comprehensive information and support to enable them to make informed decisions about their treatment.
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