Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is how a company conducts its business in a way that is ethical, transparent and accountable.

For Barnsley Hospice, this means taking account of our social, economic and environmental impact.


What are the benefits of CSR?

CSR can have a positive impact on the performance and reputation of the Hospice, as well as increasing and helping to sustain staff morale.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Employee involvement and well-being that helps to create & build pride in the Hospice - involvement in community activities can help to increase staff morale and can help towards staff retention and individual & team development

  • Increasing the profile of the Hospice through effective PR and marketing

  • Creating a ‘stand out’ organisation that is different from its competitors, through enhanced brand awareness

  • New networking & business possibilities can be created


What does it involve?

CSR can involve a whole range of activities such as:
  • Developing improved relationships with employees/colleagues

  • Working in partnership with other local charities and organisations

  • Increased efficiency and reduced waste

  • Investing in a socially responsible way


What is Barnsley Hospice already doing regarding its CSR?

  • Achievement of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, which demonstrates our continued commitment to the health and wellbeing of all our colleagues

  • Energy saving lighting and light switches are in place throughout the Hospice

  • The Hospice has negotiated the best possible deal regarding energy provision and charging in relation to its main site and all its retail outlets

  • The Hospice has installed in August 2015 a new boiler system which will provide our energy much more efficiently

  • Recycling of cardboard, paper and garden waste

  • Recycling of stationery such as envelopes, pens, paper, files etc. Any stationery that is not used can be passed to the Reception Administrator, for storage & use by other colleagues.

  • Recycling of glassware / crockery via our Warehouse processes

  • Ongoing formal partnerships with other local charities, ie Barnsley FC Community Trust

  • All policies & procedures are up to date and regularly reviewed, contributing to Barnsley Hospice operating in a fair and ethical manner

  • The Hospice has a policy relating to Dignity at Work, which details how the organisation recruits, trains, develops and deals with colleagues in a dignified and equal manner

  • We use local suppliers wherever possible, which enables our carbon footprint to be kept at an acceptable level

  • Hospice colleagues are encouraged to participate in local voluntary and charity events to help the local community


What Can Barnsley Hospice Offer to Local Charities and Businesses?

  • A dedicated and experienced member of our Fundraising Team as your main contact

  • A calendar of fundraising events, ideas and initiatives tailored to suit your company

  • Support to help you with your fundraising.

  • Cheque presentation opportunities with members of the Hospice team

  • Publicity via our website, social media and the local press

  • Use of the Hospice meeting rooms at a competitive rate

For more information of how Barnsley Hospice can raise your profile and support your organisation, please follow this link which provides more detail.

Please note: any engagement Barnsley Hospice may have with external companies or charities may need to regulated by legislation and the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice.

The Future

Barnsley Hospice will continue to identify new opportunities to enable increased partner & community involvement in the future. We are also committed to the health & wellbeing of our colleagues and to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

We will be looking at initiatives such as payroll giving for staff and potential meeting room hire for some of our close partner organisations at a reduced rate.
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