Gift Aid

Add an extra 25% onto your donation for free!

Did you know that if you’re a UK tax payer, you can add an extra 25% onto your donation for free with Gift Aid? When you’re donating a bag of goods, the lovely tax man will add an extra 25p in every £1 – and all you have to do is sign a Gift Aid form!

Gift Aid is a truly wonderful thing. It makes a massive difference to the money we raise, but sadly not everyone eligible signs the form.


So how do I go about it?

If it’s your first donation to the Hospice (whether monetary or a bag of goods), all you need to do is sign a form that we’ll give you. You’ll then get a unique donor number that you can use for any donations you make in the future. Simple!

Where do I get a form from?

If you’re making a donation within Hospice opening hours, you can either come into the Hospice or to our Retail Hub and we’ll give you everything you need.

How does Gift Aid work with the Donation Centre?

If you’re donating to our Retail Hub in Dodworth, and you already have a unique Gift Aid number, simply write your Gift Aid number, name and postcode on each bag.

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