Lymphoedema Services

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition caused by damage or failure of the body’s lymphatic system, leading to swelling, skin and tissue changes.

What treatments are available?

At Barnsley Hospice we have a team of specialist practitioners who are trained in Lymphoedema management to help patients manage their condition and continue to live an independent life.

Treatments may help reduce the swelling and possible discomfort of the condition. They include skin care, exercises, compression therapy and massage. All patients will be assessed individually and provided with a treatment plan based on their needs.

"Our aim is to empower users to self-manage their condition. People using the Lymphoedema service seem to really benefit from the many treatment options we have available.
Heike Fraser, Lymphoedema Therapy Team Leader


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Useful Links:

Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) takes the lead role in educating and supporting other patients with this condition by providing a high standard of information and promoting self-help. Since it's inception in 1991, when there was very little information or help available for patients, the LSN has evolved into an independent and influential charity. It is the only national patient-led organisation offering information and support to people with this condition and has a unique understanding of the patients' experience.

NHS - Lipoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition typically involving an abnormal build up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks. The condition occurs almost exclusively in women, although there have been rare cases reported in men.

NHS - Lymphoedema is a chronic (long term) condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues. It can affect any part of the body but usually, develops in the arms or legs. Other symptoms of lymphoedema can include an aching, heavy feeling in affected body parts and difficulty moving them. Lymphoedema can get worse if it's not treated, so you should speak to a doctor if you think you may have the condition.

NHS Healthy Eating Site helps put you in charge of your health care.

The British Lymphology Society BLS commenced in November 1985 and was originally called the British Lymphology Interest Group (BLIG). Since 1985 BLS has celebrated it's 30 year anniversary in 2015 and has grown in both member and it's involvement in matters relating to lymphology. This has led BLS to comment on a number of documents relating to Lymphoedema and was even part of a House of Lords debate on lymphoedema in September 2015. BLS continues to be a thriving and innovative charity that had delivered education for over 30 years. Their main education event is the annual conference, which is supported by the society's objectives:

  1. To advance education and knowledge in the field of lymphology and related subjects.
  2. To foster interest in and co-ordinate a strategy for improving the management of chronic oedema, particularly lymphoedema.
  3. To produce and maintain a register of specialist centres in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  4. To benefit patients by improving the knowledge, expertise and skills of health care professionals.
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