Meet the Team: Sarah

This week is Hospice Care Week, an annual celebration of hospice care across the country. As part of it, we’re speaking with some of our staff and volunteers who all play a part in delivering outstanding care for the people of Barnsley.

Meet Sarah, who has been part of #TeamHospice for over a decade!

Hello, my name is Sarah…

What is your role at Barnsley Hospice?

I am a Reception Administrator – you’ll find me at the reception desk at the hospice on Mondays and Tuesdays.

When did you join the hospice, and why did you decide to come work here?

I taught Beauty Therapy at college for 18 years. When I left to start my own small business, I had some available time and a friend recommended using my skills to help out at the hospice.

In 2011, I started as a Volunteer Complementary Therapist supporting the team by delivering treatments to patients across the hospice. I then became a member of staff when I joined the Reception team in 2017 and have continued to work at the hospice ever since.

What does an average day at work look like for you?

When I arrive at the hospice, I go onto the Inpatient Unit to get a handover of our patients and their visitors for that day. Then, I open everything up and the phones start ringing!

Throughout the day, I meet and greet everyone who comes into the hospice – whether they are a patient, visitor, supporter or colleague. It’s always important to consider how people may be feeling when they come in. They might be starting their work day, attending a regular appointment, making a collection or delivery or visiting the hospice for the first time. My aim is to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

What is your favourite part of working at the hospice?

The people – I just love people! I enjoy working with different members of the team and being on hand to support whoever comes through the door or is on the other end of the phone.

I endeavour to put myself in other people’s shoes. They may have raised an amazing amount of money and be excited to bring it in, or be visiting a loved one and be anxious about being at the hospice for the first time. I strive to take care of them the same way I would like to be treated in their situation.

At times it can be tough for people to walk into the hospice and they may be feeling vulnerable. I want everyone who comes through the door to know that we’re here to help and support them. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and front of house our role is vital in welcoming everyone and putting people at ease.

What inspires you at work?

I have met so many incredible people whilst working and volunteering at the hospice, and they truly are the people that inspire me. If I’ve helped make a small difference in their journey, even if it was just a smile or a cup of tea. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, and if I’ve helped someone at their lowest, I’ve done my job.

I always try to remember names and what I’ve chatted about with people previously, such as family or if they’ve had a special occasion. It can put such a smile on their face when you remember, and it just shows the compassion #TeamHospice has for everyone who enters the building. It’s not just the doctors or nurses who care about you, it’s everyone here at the hospice.

Thank you for everything you do, Sarah! 
If you’re interested in joining #TeamHospice and helping us deliver high-quality care and support, you can view our current vacancies on our Recruitment page.

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