An open letter from a patient at Barnsley Hospice

Photo of the exterior building and gardens of Barnsley Hospice

For most, the prospect of living with a life-limiting illness or accessing hospice care is a daunting one. Recently, a patient being cared for by the hospice penned an open letter about their experience of our services. We are proud to share this letter with permission the patient.

There are some words in the English language that simply frighten some people into unknown inner panic and turmoil, and hospice is one of those.

A medical team is formed for all you can possibly imagine. There are lots of sections and subsections that cater for every known ailment. 

The word hospice is synonymous with care and known as comfort within the system. I can assure you from first-hand experience that this is a marvellous experience and it works. 

Experts in their profession are amassed so that all fields of medicine are covered, and you have a fantastic chance to have a say in what works for you and what is not. 

Where else in the world do you get the opportunity to participate with the experts – and all for free? 

The peace of mind and feel-good experience aid your recovery and you become aware that a group of like-minded individuals very soon become a group of self-serving individuals involved in a helpful hospice.

Good luck with your journey. 

M. J. Hurley, 

Patient at Barnsley Hospice

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