Looking back at our Dying Matters awareness event

Photo of Barnsley Hospice staff seated at desks and reading documents as part of a training event

By Karen Watson, Therapy Lead Nurse and Janice Whyke, Family Team Leader
Dying Matters is a national campaign which aims to encourage people to become more comfortable talking about death and grief. The theme for this year’s Dying Matters campaign was Are We Ready, and looked at the practical and emotional steps we all need to take to be ready for the end of our lives.

During Dying Matters week Barnsley Hospice provided an opportunity for staff and volunteers to come along and join in discussions around this theme.  We looked at digital legacies and advance care planning to initiate conversations around death, dying and bereavement.

Barnsley Hospice feels that it is important to encourage staff to talk openly about this topic as it helps to facilitate open and honest conversations with patients and their families. 

The event was well attended by staff and volunteers and thought provoking conversations took place in a safe and relaxed setting. This allowed time for tea and cake, talk and laughter enabling us to think about the end and what we love about life.

We asked those who attended to give feedback, some of which is below:

“Learnt something new about digital legacies and will make sure I let other people know this too.”

“Well done to all – brilliant as ever.”

“Thought it might be depressing …expected to listen more than chat…I gained from the event and it provided much food for thought.”

“Great event, thank you much appreciated.”

“Very informative – my questions answered – discussions with other attendees beneficial.”

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