Co-op customers generate four-figure sum for hospice

A £2000 funding injection from the Co-op Local Community Fund has paid for new catering trollies at the hospice.
Customers at the Co-op’s 11 Barnsley stores nominated us to receive one per cent of revenue from the firm’s products and services.
The £2,191 donation has been used to buy two new catering trollies to deliver hot food to patients being cared for by the hospice.
Janet O’Hara, grants, trusts and legacies fundraiser at Barnsley Hospice, said: “Our patients are already seeing the impact this donation has had. The new trollies are fantastic and make sure that food stays warm when it’s being moved around the building.
“We’d like to say a big thank you to the Co-op and its Barnsley customers for nominating the hospice to receive this donation.”
Wendy Greenwood (pictured), assistant cook at the hospice, said: “The old trollies we used were almost 15 years old and were becoming unreliable. Having this new equipment makes our lives much easier and means that the food we make stays warm as we deliver it to patients.”

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