Barnsley Hospice

Provides specialist compassionate care and support to hundreds of local people and their families each year.

Specialist Compassionate Care

Barnsley Hospice is a charity which provides specialists compassionate care to hundreds of local people every year from all over Barnsley. Specialist palliative care provides help and support to people with life-limiting illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Disease or Parkinson's. This care strives to improve the quality of life for patients and their families by providing pain and symptom relief, spiritual and social support; and counselling and bereavement services.

We have an expert multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who make sure your care is safe, effective and relevant to you.

Hospice is not just a building – it is a way of caring for people. With our support, patients can benefit from quality patient led care throughout their illness and at the end of their life.

Our care is free for patients and their families but not free to provide. We gratefully receive a grant from the CCG (NHS) each year but have to raise additional funding to stay open.

Barnsley Hospice relies heavily on public and company donations, legacies, grants, community and eight charity shops.


Compassionate Care

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