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Accumulator Challenge – May 2023

We have taken part since the very first time Simon came to us as Lord Sweetener. Over the years, we have had so much fun, and it has never felt like a hard slog! In the past, we have done things like cake sales in the surgery and staff games to raise money. So if you are thinking of signing up, don’t hesitate! When you hand the money over at the end of the month, you will feel so proud.

Alice and Laura, Victoria Medical Centre

Our team won last year, and we love being part of the Accumulator Challenge! We have so much fun and colleagues love getting involved. It brings the team together and we just loved raising money for Barnsley Hospice because it’s a brilliant challenge.

Alice Prince, GXO Logistics

The Accumulator Challenge is back for 2023, and Lord Sweetener is looking for his next candidates to take part in the annual fundraising spectacular!

Over the past five years, the annual challenge has raised nearly £70,000 for the hospice. This May, we’re once again inviting teams to accumulate as much money as possible between the 1 and 31 of May using a loan of £31.

Whether you enter as a business, family, group of students or friends, it’s time to join forces, put on your thinking caps and create some innovative fundraising ideas.

But what’s fun without a little competition? At the end of the challenge, we will be awarding prizes for:

The team that makes the most profit

The most innovative fundraising idea

This year, we’ll be rounding off the challenge with a special event, where not only can you hear what the other teams got up to, but can meet other businesses from our local area.

How do I take part?

Signing up couldn’t be easier! Simply fill out the form below with details of your team, and Lord Sweetener (aka Simon Atkinson) will be in touch to share all the information you need. Our team will also be on hand throughout the challenge to answer any queries, and we’ll be popping in to see what activities you’re getting up to.

Do you have to be a local business to sign up?

The challenge is a great team builder and an exciting way to fundraise, and we welcome anyone to enter. Perhaps your friends are looking for a fun challenge, or you and some fellow students want to do some good in your local area, you are more than welcome to join the challenge!

What can I do to raise money?

This part is entirely up to you! The fundraising opportunities are endless, and you can make the most of your resources or connections to raise as much as possible. Your team could do a sponsored walk or bike ride, or if you fancy something less active, you could hold tombolas or bake sales in your office. Every team is different, so we encourage you to find something that works for you. But remember, there’s a prize for the most innovative idea, so think outside the box!

How much do I have to raise?

We don’t set a specific target for teams to reach. As every team is different, we simply ask that you raise as much money from the £31 loan as you can. Remember, every penny raised helps and will go towards supporting the outstanding care and services we provide here at the hospice.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Other than the challenge being a fantastic team-building activity and adding a little fun to May, you will be part of raising vital funds for Barnsley Hospice. To provide our care and services to patients, we need to raise large amounts of money every year. Fundraisers like the Accumulator Challenge make up a huge part of it, and each penny you raise adds up!

For taking part in the challenge, you will receive a Certificate of Thanks from the hospice stating your total contribution. You will also be invited to our challenge closing ceremony where the total amount raised by the ‘Class of 2023’ will be revealed, and we will be presenting prizes for the most money raised and the most creative idea.

Accumulator Challenge

If you are not taking part as a company, please leave blank.