How to Donate

Donating your unwanted items is a great way to support the Hospice, help us raise money and declutter your house at the same time.

What you can donate

You may not think it, but we can accept donations of most things, in whatever state of repair. Most items will bring in money in some way, whether they’re sold in our shops, given away through tombolas or raffles, or through being sold for rag. If you’re not sure if you can donate something, bring it in anyway and we’ll take a look. We’ll even get in touch in the future and tell you how much your goods have raised.


Our shops

Our shops wouldn’t be anywhere without donations from people like you – you’re what keeps them going!
Anything we sell in our shops has to be fit for purpose, according to the Charity Retail Association, and we stock a huge range of things. Great items to donate include:

  • Books (including text books)

  • Good quality clothes

  • Homeware

  • Furniture and furnishings

  • Walking aids

  • Glasses

  • Knitting machines

  • Type writers

  • Electric fires


We will accept all books, regardless of their condition. We will either sell them in our shops, online or through a company who pay us for any books that are not in good enough condition to sell.



There may be things you wouldn’t dream of sending to us, but don’t be too quick to discard them! We have a contract with our local Rag Man, who accepts and recycles all kinds of surprising items. Even if you don’t think an item is good enough to send to our shops, bring it in and we’ll send it the Rag Man’s way. The Rag Man accepts all kinds of things you’d probably otherwise throw away, including:
  • Clothes with holes, marks or other blemishes and other textiles
  • Shoes with holes
  • Old accessories such as bags, shoes and belts

Sorry we're unable to accept the following:

While we can sell or recycle most items, there are a handful of things that we definitely can’t accept:

Firearms, replica firearms and anything explosive.

We can’t accept firearms, replica firearms (models of guns or children’s toys) or anything explosive such as fireworks.

Children’s car seats and helmets.

We can’t accept car seats and helmets because we can’t guarantee that they’ve not been in an accident.

Any soft furnishings without fire labels.

We can’t sell sofas, beds, and other soft furnishings without the necessary fire labels.

Cot and Moses basket mattresses.

Current guidelines state that new babies should sleep on a brand new mattress to minimise the risk of SIDS. We can, however, sell cot frames and Moses baskets.

Copies of DVDs, CDs and other media and entertainment

We can’t sell copies of things for copyright reasons.

We are unable to accepted videos in any of our stores or at the donation centre. 


How and where to donate

Donating to the Hospice is easy-peasy. Please don’t leave things outside the door of a shop or warehouse though – we want to guard against theft and we also can’t guarantee the British weather won’t play havoc with the contents.


Donating to our Donation Centre/ Warehouse

You can drop off any bags at the designated area at our new Donation Centre / Warehouse between the hours of 9am - 3pm Monday to Saturday. It is located in Dodworth at Unit 16 Fall Bank Industrial Estate, Fall Bank Crescent, Dodworth, Barnsley, S75 3LS.
If you are dropping off items and currently have a Gift Aid number, please write it on your bags, along with your name and postcode. 


Donation Centre Directions



Arranging a collection

If you’re donating large, bulky items like furniture or you have more items to donate than you can manage, then we can arrange for one of our drivers to come and collect from your home. We can also come and collect group donations from your place of work if you arrange a bring-a-bag-to-work day.

To arrange a collection call our Donation Centre on 01226 240908.
For furniture collections, call 01226 249 744.


Donating to one of our shops

We have shops all around the local area. All our shops will accept donations of items during their opening hours. However, Mapplewell and Blucher Street shops have car parks outside or nearby to make it easier if you want to bring bags.

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