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Take on the adventure of a lifetime!

Saturday 30 March at 00.00AM
- 12 Nov
Ever fancied trekking in China, cycling in Cambodia or sledding with huskies in Lapland? Now is your chance to have the adventure of a lifetime whilst helping us care for patients at the same time.

We’ve partnered with Global Adventure Challenges to give you the chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip while raising vital funds for Barnsley Hospice.

How it works

You will be given a target figure to raise in sponsorship, of which half will pay for your trip. The rest of the money will go towards patient care at the hospice. If you manage to beat your sponsorship target, all the extra money you raise will also be donated to the hospice, so it’s worth trying to raise as much as you can.

Alternatively, you can pay for the challenge yourself, and 100% of any funds you raise will go directly to the hospice. Whatever way you choose to fundraise, your help is vital to help us continue our care.

For some challenges a registration fee, airport tax and/or fuel surcharge fees may apply which are not covered by the sponsorship target. Visit the Global Adventure Challenge website for full costings.

The ‘Open Challenges’ you can support the hospice with are:

Great Wall of China trek: 7-15 September, 4-12 October & 18-26 October 2019
Hike for five days across one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You also get an exclusive chance to rebuild a section of the wall as part of the experience, along with a few days exploring in Beijing to celebrate your achievement.

Minimum sponsorship: £2700                Registration fee: £299              Airport tax: £250

Hadrian’s Wall trek: 28-30 June 2019 & 13-15 September 2019
This three-day challenge takes you across the width of northern England as you cross this World Heritage Site. The most remarkable Roman monument in the country offers challenging walks filled with stunning scenery, making it the perfect location for a trekking challenge.

Minimum sponsorship: £510                          Registration fee: £75

London to Paris cycle: 5-9 June, 14-18 August 2019 & 11-15 September 2019
Spend four days cycling from the English to the French capital. The route takes you from central London across the English Channel and through stunning countryside, before you ride into Paris down the iconic Champs Elysees, finishing at the Eiffel Tower.

Minimum sponsorship: £1600                Registration fee: £125

Vietnam to Cambodia cycle: 2-12 November 2019
Experience South-East Asia at its best on this breathtaking bike ride from the Vietnamese capital Saigon to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The route takes you through many traditional Vietnamese villages, following idyllic streams and rivers adjacent to stunning mountains. You then cross into Cambodia and head for the world-famous temple site of Angkor Wat.   

Minimum sponsorship: £3100                   Registration fee: £399             Airport tax: £250

Lapland – The Husky Trail sled: 30 March-6 April 2019 & 7-14 April 2019
This is one of the most unique charity challenges on offer. Covering a distance of 250km, you will spend five days sledding through the rolling highlands and deep forests of Lapland, from Norway into Sweden. This challenge is full of hands-on experiences - you erect your own tent, cook your own food and look after your team of huskies. The finish is at the world-famous Ice Hotel – the first ever hotel made of ice and snow.

Minimum sponsorship: £4000                     Registration fee: £449            Airport tax: £100

TrekFest - Brecon Beacons: 6 July 2019
Complete a one-day 25km or 50km walk across the hills of South Wales. TrekFest is a popular event suitable for beginner trekkers and expert trail runners alike but it’s tough and will test you both physically and mentally. However, you’ll have support from the TrekFest crew and with the right training and preparation it is definitely achievable, as thousands of people over the years who have completed TrekFest will testify.

Minimum sponsorship: £330 (50km) £180 (25km)                 Registration fee: £55 (50km) £45 (25km)

For more information on any of these challenges, visit or contact Vicky Stead on 01226 323627.

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