Day Therapy FAQs

Below are some common questions that people ask us about Day Therapy at the Hospice.

What are the benefits of attending?
You will have the opportunity to speak with staff regarding your concerns, worries, or if you wish, to plan for your future care needs.

Your medical needs will be frequently reviewed, and we will liaise (with your consent) with other health professionals involved in your care to ensure we manage your care effectively. 

Is transport available?
We are not able to offer transport to everyone so encourage patients to use their own transport with help of friends/family, if possible.  However, please do not let this deter you from attending, as you can discuss transport options with staff at your assessment appointment.  Many of our patients use Barnsley Door-to-Door service, which has very reasonable charges. Day Therapy Unit staff can provide you with information on this should you wish.

Do I have to live in Barnsley to attend?
No, although you must be registered with a Barnsley GP.

Is there a cost?
All services offered by Barnsley Hospice are provided free of charge. However, we are a charity and rely heavily on fundraising to ensure we can continue to provide this service.

How long can I attend Day Therapy for?
Following your first assessment you will be invited to attend one day a week (Thursday) for 12 weeks.  You will be reviewed over the course of the 12 weeks and further weeks may be added, depending on your needs. On discharge, we will make sure community services are aware of any ongoing needs you may have and make any necessary referrals, with your permission.  If your needs change you can ask to be re-referred to the Day Therapy Unit.

Do I need to attend every week?
To enable us to understand your needs and fully support you, it is important to attend regularly.  We appreciate that this may not always be possible due to illness or appointments. However, it is important to let staff know if you are unable to attend a session. Our telephone number is 01226 244244.

Will I be able to see a physio?
Yes, our experienced physiotherapist is on-hand to offer group exercises, as well as individual safe moving and handling advice and help with maintaining your independence at home.

What about my medications?
Please bring a list of current medications to your first appointment and any medications you may need while you are away from home.  Nurses are available to help you manage your medications should you need assistance. We ask that any medications you bring are stored safely in your bag or pocket.

Can I see a doctor?
Your first assessment will be with a Hospice doctor and nurse.  During your attendance at the Day Therapy Unit a doctor will be available to review symptoms and medications relating to your illness.  If required, the doctor may liaise with other professionals involved in your care. However, your GP remains in charge of your care.

Can my carer/relative come with me to the sessions?
We encourage patients to bring someone with them for their first assessment, but the following sessions are for patients only.

Will lunch be available?
Yes, lunch is available at every session and you will be able to choose from the menu. We will meet your dietary needs and preferred portion sizes. If you have any allergies it is important to let staff know during your assessment. 

Am I able to smoke?
We currently have a designated smoking area but as of 1st January 2020 Barnsley Hospice will be smoke free, including the use of e-cigarettes.

What happens when my placement is over?
If after 12 weeks we have met your needs, you will be discharged.  This will be discussed with you before the end of the 12-week period. 

How do I make a compliment, comment or complaint?
We love receiving compliments, but we also welcome comments on how improvements could be made to our services. During your stay, we may ask you and your visitors if there is anything you think we can improve. We’ll also ask you to fill in a questionnaire when you are discharged.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of care to patients and their relatives, so we hope there’ll be little cause for complaints! If you do have a complaint, however, please discuss it first with our senior nursing staff and if it can’t be settled, then you can formally write to the Chief Executive. Complaints will be acknowledged within two working days and we follow a formal complaints procedure, which is available on request. If needed, a Senior Manager is contactable at all times.

If you don’t feel your issue is being resolved, you can independently contact the Care Quality Commission in writing at:

Care Quality Commission
CQC Yorkshire and Humberside
City Gate
Gallow Gate
Newcastle upon Tyne

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