During your stay on the Inpatient Unit

You may need to come to Barnsley Hospice for a number of reasons. These can include help with managing some of your symptoms, such as pain, nausea and vomiting, emotional support for you and your family or care during the last few days of your life.

During your stay, you’ll be reviewed daily by our doctors. We recognise that returning home after your stay can be daunting; this is why we may discuss discharge with you and your family quite early in your stay.

Don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff if you have any worries or questions – someone will always make time to sit and talk with you.

Personal items: It is advisable to leave valuables, jewellery and large sums of money at home or to be taken home by a relative or friend for safe keeping. If this is not possible, please hand them to the nurse on arrival for safekeeping.

However, please feel free to bring family photos or small personal items which will make you feel at home during your stay. Please note the Hospice will not accept liability for the loss or damage to any personal belongings which you bring with you.

Food and Drink: The catering staff offer a daily menu and will help you decide what to choose if required. It is very important to us that we care for individual requirements, including special diets. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please inform a member of catering staff who will be happy to help where possible. We have access to a dietician who can help the nursing and catering staff with your specific dietary requirements. The doctor or nurse will discuss any dietary problems with you and will refer you to the dietician if required.
Breakfast is served when you wake up and are ready. There are a variety of options to choose from, all tailored to your own choice. Lunch is usually served at about 12.30pm, with tea at about 5pm.

You can access hot and cold drinks throughout the day or night from our patient’s and visitor’s kitchen. Snacks are available throughout the day or night. Please just ask one of the nurses or a member of the catering team for these.

Discharge: This varies from patient to patient and will depend on your needs, which we’ll review daily. Going home at the end of your stay might feel a bit daunting, so our Discharge Co-ordinator will discuss a plan with you, your family, carers and other professionals involved in your care as early on as possible. We’ll make sure when it’s time for you to leave, the transition is as smooth as possible and plans are made for any extra services, aids and equipment that you might need. Some patients return to our day unit, The Limes, for additional care and support.

Teaching: The Hospice is part of a teaching environment. There are trainee doctors, nurses and others in the Hospice and it is possible these students will be present during your stay. They are under the supervision of trained members of staff.

Talking to patients and hearing about their conditions is a vital part of student training. Your consent will always be sought when students are present; you are not obliged and are fully entitled to decline their presence.  

Smoking: This Hospice does not allow staff, visitors or volunteers to smoke in the building or the grounds. There is a smoking room available on the unit for patients and you can also smoke outside your room in the garden. If you do want to visit the smoke room, please ask a member of staff.  If you smoke in the garden, please remain respectful for others who may be non-smokers. Under the UK legislation smoking is banned in the Hospice premises or grounds. We have dedicated areas for patients who wish to smoke. Please ask a member of the nursing team for information.

Donor Cards: If you carry a Donor Card, please inform a member of the clinical team so we can be aware of it.

Please Note: We are not an emergency hospital and don’t have the equipment for advanced resuscitation. In case of a medical emergency, emergency services would be called. If you have made an Advanced Directive (Living Will), we would like a copy of this for your records. Please talk to any of the clinical staff if you need more information about these issues. 

Room on the Inpatient Unit at Barnsley Hospice

Catering at Barnsley Hospice

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