Social Worker & Discharge Co-ordinator

Our team members provide emotional and social support to patients and families, addressing any difficulties or concerns they may be experiencing. They liaise daily with our doctors, nurses and therapists to provide a comprehensive service to patients, families and their carers. They can advise and support with future planning and decision-making including welfare benefits, wills and other personal wishes. The team will also ensure that patients have a safe and smooth discharge from the Inpatient Unit to their preferred designated place of care.

What could the team do for me?

  • Act as an advocate for your rights and choices.
  • Enable and support you in accessing information about the services and resources which may be useful to you.
  • Assist you in accessing housing that meets your individual needs.
  • Assist you in financial matters such as grant applications.
  • Explore family dynamics and allow patients, their families and their carers to acknowledge their different feelings.
  • Give you time to talk and share your concerns, fears or worries and explore different ways of coping with them.
  • Our discharge co-ordinator can help to provide you with a care package in your home that meets your needs and maintains your independence.
If I decide I would like to see a Social Worker what do I do next?
  • If you are a patient/family member on the Inpatient Unit you may be referred to the service by a member of the medical team, or nursing team at the Hospice. Alternatively, you can request to see the Social Worker by asking your named nurse or one of the doctors.
  • If you are attending our Day Therapy Unit you can discuss this with a member of staff who will make a referral, and an appointment will be made for us to meet to discuss and assess your needs.



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