Complementary Therapy FAQs

Below are some common questions that people ask us about Complementary Therapy at the Hospice.

Are complementary therapies safe?
The complementary therapies we provide are safe to use alongside conventional medical treatments, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. You will have a full assessment before any treatment plan to ensure safe and effective practice.

Who can be referred to the Complementary Therapy and Wellbeing Service and how?

We accept referrals from either your GP or hospital doctor or any other healthcare practitioner involved in your care.

Referrals will only be accepted with the following criteria:

  • Patients with an active, progressive disease or life-limiting illness who are known to the Hospice.
  • Relatives or friends of a patient with an active, progressive disease or life-limiting illness who are experiencing related physical, psychological or emotional difficulties.
  • Bereaved relatives or friends of patients who were known to the Hospice.
All patients accepted will be assessed and offered an individual treatment plan.  This will include:
  • An agreed amount of treatments 
  • Self-management approach

Who provides the treatments?
All of the therapists working within the Hospice hold certified qualifications, are members of approved therapy associations, have indemnity insurance and are DBS checked. 
Do you only treat people with cancer?
No, we treat anyone who has an active progressive life-limiting disease that is not responsive to curative treatment. For example; end stage heart failure, motor neurone disease and advanced respiratory disease.

Is there a cost?

All treatments are free of charge to patients and their families. However, we are a charity and therefore rely heavily on fundraising to ensure we can continue to provide this service.

How many treatments will I have and how long can I attend? 
You will be assessed and offered a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. You will usually be offered four to six sessions.

How do I make a compliment, comment or complaint?
We love receiving compliments, but we also welcome comments on how improvements could be made to our services. During your stay, we may ask you and your visitors if there is anything you think we can improve. We’ll also ask you to fill in a questionnaire when you are discharged.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of care to patients and their relatives, so we hope there’ll be little cause for complaints! If you do have a complaint, however, please discuss it first with our senior nursing staff and if it can’t be settled, then you can formally write to the Chief Executive. Complaints will be acknowledged within two working days and we follow a formal complaints procedure, which is available on request. If needed, a Senior Manager is contactable at all times.

If you don’t feel your issue is being resolved, you can independently contact the Care Quality Commission in writing at:

Care Quality Commission
CQC Yorkshire and Humberside
City Gate
Gallow Gate
Newcastle upon Tyne

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