Referral Process

We provide compassionate specialist care and support for people with active, progressive and life-limiting illnesses and those caring for them.
We aim to promote a sense of well-being in a relaxed and caring environment.


Barnsley Specialist Level Palliative Care (SLPC) Services
Referral criteria 2016/17

Specialist level palliative care (SLPC) services are for patients who have advanced life-limiting illness, and/or their families, who have complex needs or needs persisting in spite of input from the team currently caring for them. These needs may be physical, psychological, spiritual/existential, or social, and are often a combination of the above.

The needs described in some referrals to SLPC can be met in the first instance by advice and support to the current care team, and may or may not go on to require a review by a SLPC team member. If you are not sure whether to refer a patient, please seek advice from the relevant SLPC team (Barnsley Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team, Barnsley Hospice, or Barnsley Community Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Team). More information on this can be found here.


Who can refer?

Patients can be referred to our services through their GP, Macmillan nurse, community nurse/matron, social worker or other medical professionals. Referrals must be made using the Barnsley Specialist Palliative Care Referral Form.

Alternatively, patients and their carers can attend our drop-in service for support and advice. 


How to refer?

Referrals to all services must be made on the district-wide referral form. If you are unable about making a referral, or would like to discuss if a patient is suitable to access the Hospice, please call our team on 01226 244 244. Please be aware that we are unable to accept referrals over the phone. 

If you think it would be helpful for a patient or carer to visit the Hospice prior to referral, please contact us to arrange a convenient time.


Inpatient referrals are considered each weekday morning. Urgent referrals will be considered on an individual basis based on a number of factors including patient needs and availability of beds.

Those referred to services other than the Inpatient Unit will be invited to attend an assessment at the Hospice so we can plan the most appropriate care for them and those close to them. This will be reviewed regularly to ensure services continue to meet the patient’s needs.

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