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Your Hospice needs you, volunteer today!

Got some time to spare? A skill to offer? Want to make a difference and do your bit for charity? Then we’ve almost certainly got a voluntary role for you!

Our team of over 300 volunteers are all ages and come from many different backgrounds. There are all kinds of roles, from driving and shop assistants to administration and gardening – and everything in between! Whatever you do, if you volunteer at the Hospice you’ll be doing something amazing to help us continue the work we do.

How do I apply to become a volunteer? 

We’d love to accept everyone straight away, but there are certain processes we have to go through before we can take you on as a volunteer.

If you’d like to volunteer with the Hospice, pick up a form from one of our shops or fill in this application form online (below links) and we’ll be in touch. If we think we have the perfect role for you, we’ll need to interview you and perform a few background checks.

Please bear in mind that while we may not have an opportunity in the role that you apply for, we’re always looking for people with new and interesting skills – so if you’re keen to volunteer it’s always best to apply and we’ll see if you can fit into the Hospice in some way!


How old do I have to become a volunteer?

We can accept volunteers from the age of 16+ in retail or 14+ if you are taking part in Duke of Edinburgh. Within the Hospice volunteers can be accepted from 16+. For roles involving contact with patients, you must be 18+.


What are the benefits of volunteering? 

There are all kinds of benefits to volunteering with the Hospice. Apart from receiving our eternal gratitude, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Learning new skills

  • Making new friends

  • Being part of one happy team, all working together to do good

  • Feeling that big, shiny glow inside that you’re doing something for charity!

Volunteering at the Hospice is also ideal to put on your UCAS form or to go towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme – great for sixth-formers, school-leavers or college students.


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Get in touch

If you would like more information about volunteering, please contact Leigh-Ann Hays on 01226 323612 or email
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